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“Being a teacher, myself, and knowing how much kids need to know before even entering kindergarten I am SO beyond excited to see a preschool like this now in Gresham.”


“My child LOVED having Ms. Messinger as his teacher. He always spoke so highly of her and she always kept me informed about what was happening in the classroom.”


“My child showed huge gains while she was in Ms. M’s classroom. I couldn’t believe how much her reading improved in such a small amount of time!”



Hello Parents,

I hope you are well and your needs are being met during this COVID-19 trying time. Currently our plan is to remain open unless we are mandated to close. We will be closed March 23rd-27th for Spring Break as originally planned and will open again March 30th.

Little Professors Preschool has made temporary adjustments to our Sick Policy until our State of Emergency has been lifted:

Adjustment 1:  If your child shows any cold symptoms including a cough or runny nose, we now require that they stay home until symptoms have subsided.

Adjustment 2:  If your child has a temperature of 100.4 or more, we ask that they stay home at least 72 hours after symptom resolution (absence of fever without the use of fever-reducing medication and improvement of respiratory symptoms)

Extra Precautions We Will Be Implementing Beginning March 30th

·       Governor Brown has suggested groups of no more than 10 people be together at a time. Little Professors Preschool will honor this. If we have over 10 children in attendance, we will be splitting children up into two smaller groups. This includes staggering snacks and meals. All group activities will be staggered as well; indoor and outdoor play as well as structured learning and learning activities will be split into smaller groups, each being of no more than 10 children.

·       Parents, I now ask that you sign your child in and out from outside of the front doors to the school to minimize contact as requested by the Office of Child Care.

·       We will continue consistent hand washing upon entering the school, before and after eating, and in between transitions. We are actively using hand sanitizer in between hand washings.

·       We have removed all “hard to clean” soft toys such as stuffed animals etc. We have also chosen to remove our plastic kitchen toy foods temporarily as those are a high temptation for the children to put into their mouths.

·       Staff will be disinfecting surfaces continuously throughout the preschool day.

·       All blankets, pillows, mats, and napping materials will be cleaned weekly on the hottest setting.

We are using far more paper towels than we have in the past as we are washing our hands much more frequently and we are struggling to find enough paper towels in stores. If you are able, I ask families to donate 1 paper towel role to get us through this time. We are also accepting hand sanitizer if at all possible.

I assure you Little Professors Preschool is staying up to date on all requirements the Office of Childcare is implementing as well as the health and safety rules from Governor Brown and CDC. Your child’s safety is our top priority. Although I understand attendance may by inconsistent during this trying time, in April we do plan to continue our preschool curriculum keeping our children’s lives as routinely as possible.


Breanne Messinger


Little Professors Preschool

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