Little Professors Preschool – Gresham

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“Being a teacher, myself, and knowing how much kids need to know before even entering kindergarten I am SO beyond excited to see a preschool like this now in Gresham.”


“My child LOVED having Ms. Messinger as his teacher. He always spoke so highly of her and she always kept me informed about what was happening in the classroom.”


“My child showed huge gains while she was in Ms. M’s classroom. I couldn’t believe how much her reading improved in such a small amount of time!”



We are now offering a structured Kindergarten class Fall 2020-2021.  Kindergarten wasn’t meant to be online. Children need hands on learning to thrive. If you are choosing to home school your child this year let us help! Our half day Kindergarten class will provide hands on social interaction in a structured Kindergarten environment. Our Kindergarten class is overseen by a certified teacher who has over 10 years of experience teaching PreK-1st grade students. This class is offered half day Monday-Friday 12:30pm-4:00pm , enroll 2, 3, 4, or 5, days a week for $30 a day. We are capping at 6 students per class. All COVID regulations including; disinfecting, hand washing, taking temperatures, and strict sick policies are in place to protect your child. Follow the link to learn more about our upcoming Kindergarten class. http://littleprofessorspreschool.com/kindergarten-fall-2020-2021

We are still enrolling ages 2-5 for our Preschool Class. We have availability in our Full Day and Half Day program MWF.

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