Our Philosophy

Little Professors Preschool is the perfect blend of Academic Learning, Play Based Education and Social Interaction . We provide a nurturing environment, while building a solid foundation for Kindergarten readiness. We approach learning in a fun and unique way with music, art, hands on activities, story telling , and so much more. We use research based curriculum, and focus on each individual child to meet their specific academic needs. We also offer daycare.

A Typical Day in the Classroom

Your child will learn through a variety of ways. A typical day in the classroom will begin with children actively participating in a review activity that builds on previous things taught in class. They may use a tablet to trace their letters and incorporate technology into their daily learning, or they may have a cookie sheet of shaving cream where they are able to trace the letters in this tactile experience to build their motor skills. Once all children are ready to begin, they will join for circle time on the carpet to learn a letter of the week. Once children have learned a variety of letters students will begin blending these letters to form words. That means after only a few weeks your child will have opportunities to begin reading words. Little Professors Preschool incorporates phonemic awareness activities where children are identifying the sounds in words and are given opportunities to strengthen their comprehension skills through discussing events happening in our read aloud.

Math time will include hands-on activities where children are using math manipulatives and counting with one to one correspondence, identifying numbers and understanding what numbers represent, identifying shapes and understanding how shapes fit together. These hands-on opportunities will build foundational skills so that your child can experience ultimate success in their Elementary years.

Little Professors Preschool incorporates movement breaks throughout the academic day where children are able to get out their energy, learn through play, participate in choice learning and centers, and strengthen their social skills.

Little Professors Preschool will utilize every minute of every preschool day to provide your child with the many needed skills to be successful.

We also offer daycare. You can enroll you child for extended care which includes lunch, an additional recess, quiet time, and more fun with friends!


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