Kindergarten/First Grade Fall 2020-2021

Kindergarten is a special year in your child’s life. It is one that sets them up for success socially, behaviorally, and educationally.  It is a year they have looked forward to all their lives. There is research that shows that students who have participated in a successful Kindergarten class “were more likely to go to college than students with otherwise similar backgrounds. Students who learned more [in kindergarten] were also less likely to become single parents. As adults, they were more likely to be saving for retirement. Perhaps most striking, they were earning more” (Leonhardt, 2010).  Kindergarten has a PROFOUND effect on your child’s success, in their education, and in their adult life. Your child deserves quality hands on learning and interaction with their peers. Many students were robbed of many months off of their Kindergarten year. Many students are entering Kindergarten and are unable to do it traditionally with their peers in a classroom setting.

For families who have decided to home school their child, or even families who are doing online learning with their Kindergarten child at home,  Little Professors Preschool is here to assist you in providing your child with a well-rounded Kindergarten year that will build a foundation for success for the remainder of their life.

We will be offering a PM structured Kindergarten/First Grade class Monday-Friday from 12:30pm-4:00pm. Our structured environment will provide social skills and social interactions that your child craves. It will provide hands on learning in Math, Literacy, Writing, Science, Social Studies, Music, Art, and Character Education. Our research-based curriculum is created to meet Kindergarten and First Grade Common Core Standards. Our schedule is as follows:

12:30 pm Literacy Centers-Students can choose from a variety of centers that build on reading concepts such as phonemic awareness, phonics, blending, comprehension, spelling, rhyming and much more. These literacy centers are rearranged weekly and provide an opportunity for children to build independence and learn thorough their own observations, in a prepared environment. During this time students will also meet with a teacher 1 on 1 or in a small group to meet individual needs as needed.

12:45 pm Calendar Time- Counting to 100 by ones and by tens, 2D and 3D shapes, the date, sight word practice, beginning middle and ending sounds, syllables, blending words

1:00 pm Second Step Character Education Curriculum-Teaching problem solving strategies to children provides the tools and confidence needed for children to be successful when faced with social situations.

1:15 pm Writing-building fine motor skills, increase vocabulary, writing to express ourselves, responding to reading and research, punctuation, and asking questions

1:30 pm Recess

2:00 pm Literacy-Incorporating Science and Social Studies in our learning-The research Based curriculum Engage NY encompasses Kindergarten Common Core Standards. Some Kindergarten Unit examples include Plants, Farms, seasons and weather, Columbus and the pilgrims, taking care of the earth and presidents.

2:15 pm Snack

2:30 pm Indoor Choice Activities-In door choice activities provide children with an opportunity to learn through play and observation and to practice their previously learned social skills. During this time students will also meet with a teacher 1 on 1 or in a small group to meet individual needs as needed.

3:00 pm Math-Our research-based curriculum Engage NY teaches Kindergarten Common Core Standards. These include decomposing numbers 1-20, Addition and Subtraction, measurements such as length, height, volume, and weight, comparing numbers, writing and representing numbers 1-20, comparing and composing 2D and 3D shapes.

3:15 pm Art/Music on a Rotation

3:30 pm Books

3:45 pm Read aloud

4:00 pm Pick-Up

Enroll now for 2, 3, 4, or 5 days a week!

Our Kindergarten/First Grade class will cap at 6 students. Our Licensed Facility meets all current COVID regulations including disinfecting, temperature taking, strict sick policies, and continuous handwashing

2 days a week $240 monthly

3 days a week $360 monthly

4 days a week $480 monthly

5 days a week $600 monthly


For more information regarding Leonhardt’s 2010 article regarding the benefits of a qualit kindergarten education please visit the link below


**Subject to change if class is not full