Summer Camp

Summer Care at Little Professors Preschool

Summer camps are two weeks long and are full of learning and fun! Summer camp themes are: Galaxy Explorers, Passport Around the World, Kitchen Chemists, Sensory Smarts, Creative Music & Art Play!. We enroll children ages 2-10 in our summer program. Full-time care is also available! Enrollment for our summer program begins February 15, 2019.

GALAXY EXPLORERS –  JUNE 17-28    Explore the wonders of the Universe! Children will learn about the stars, moon, and planets. Students will build a spaceship and pretend to be astronauts!

PASSPORT AROUND THE WORLD-JULY 15-26   Children will pretend to travel the world learning about a variety of cultures, music, languages, diverse art, ethnic foods, and geography.

KITCHEN CHEMISTS – JULY 29-AUGUST  9 Let the cooking extravaganza begin! Children will explore and create delicious recipes and learn about health and nutrition.

SENSORY SMARTS – JULY 1-12     Lets explore our senses! Children will explore their sense of sight & touch  through science experiments creating goopy creations and chemical reactions. Did you know food can taste different depending on where on your tongue it touches?

CREATIVE MUSIC & ART PLAY– AUGUST 12-23 Children will have fun combining music and art to create instruments, posters, and learn the art of story telling. Children will feel empowered to be creative and expressive as they explore painting sculpting, and diverse forms of art.

We will be closed August 26-30

Summer Extended Day available!