Little Professors Preschool offers daycare/Extended Day to meet the needs of a parents busy life style. Students enrolled in Preschool can access half day daycare and half day preschool for a full day enriched with learning, fun, and friendships.

Daycare Hours: 6:30am-6:00pm

*These prices reflect the monthly cost

2 years and older

Adding the Afternoon to Preschool Opens Program Access from 6:30am-6:00pm*Cost per month
1 Day a Week65 monthly
2 Days a Week130 monthly
3 Days a Week195 monthly
4 Days a Week260 monthly
5 Days a Week325 monthly

*$10 a day will be added to any children who are not potty trained

Daycare Schedule



12:15pm- Quiet time, students may choose to nap or participate in a quiet activity



4:00pm-Open choice time

5:15pm-Organized activity: Playdough, painting, books

6:00pm-All children are picked up