Little Professors Preschool offers daycare/Extended Day to meet the needs of a parents busy life style. Students enrolled in Preschool can access half day daycare and half day preschool for a full day enriched with learning, fun, and friendships.

Daycare Hours: 7:00am-5:30pm

*These prices reflect the monthly cost

Children age two enrollment begins

September 2021 Little Professors will be offering half day and full day options for children age two.

Enrolling now children age 3-5

Adding the Afternoon to Preschool Opens Program Access from 7:00am-5:30pm

*Cost per month

1 Day a Week 75 monthly
2 Days a Week 150 monthly
3 Days a Week 225 monthly
4 Days a Week 300 monthly
5 Days a Week 375 monthly

*$10 a day will be added to any children who are not potty trained

Daycare Schedule



12:30pm- Quiet time, students may choose to nap or participate in a quiet activity



4:45pm-Open choice time

5:15pm-Organized activity: Playdough, painting, books

5:30pm-All children are picked up

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