Policy & Procedures

Drop Off and Pick Up

Drop Off-Students (who do not participate in our extended day program) may be dropped off within 5 minutes of the schools starting time. Upon arrival students must accompanied by a parent or guardian until the student has been received by a member of the Little Professors Preschool Team. We ask that students eat breakfast or lunch before arriving to school as our preschool curriculum begins right away.

Pick-Up-We ask that students be picked up within 5 minutes of the structure school dismissal time. Students must remain inside of the preschool until they have been received by their guardian. All Adults must provide identification at pick up.

Attendance Policy

Parents at Little Professors are strongly encouraged to take a proactive role in ensuring their children attend school, as concepts are built upon each day. Parents should notify the school in advance of any absence. If a child is absent funds are not refunded for any missing days.


It is Little Professors Preschool’s policy to promote a safe and orderly school environment for all students and employees. Little Professors Preschool holds all students, employees, and other adults to the highest standards of behavior on school grounds and during school‐sponsored activities.

Classroom Management System

All students are recognized for their great choices and individual needs. Classroom teachers will develop a classroom management system that fits the needs of their students.

Coming to School sick

Students will be sent home if they are running a fever or showing any contagious side effects.


Due to the high transfer of lice and in order to limit those affected, if a case of lice is confirmed or suspected, Little Professors Preschool reserves the right to discretely check students’ hair for evidence of lice. Students will be sent home if evidence of Lice is found until it has been confirmed that it is no longer a problem.


Parents are welcome to bring treats to celebrate their child’s birthday. Please make arrangements with your child’s teacher if you plan to bring birthday treats.


Holidays, if chosen to be observed, will be celebrated in ways that will enhance the meaning and the understanding of the holiday for the student. Class “parties” will be planned by teachers in conjunction with parent volunteers and will be planned with respect to students who may have personal or religious beliefs that restrict them from participating. Please feel welcome to inform the director if you do not celebrate any specific holiday. We respect and welcome all differences.

Parents, Volunteers, and Visitors at Preschool 

Parents, volunteers and visitors are welcome to visit providing the visits are not a disruption in the school. For the protection and safety of all students, all persons entering Little Professors Preschool must provide I.D. and have informed the school prior to their visit. (As a COVID Safety precaution, at this time, we ask parents to remain outside of the classroom during drop off and pick up. When new families come to tour we ask that you observe from the outside of the classrooms while children are present. We are require all adults entering the building to wear a mask)

COVID Precautions in Place

Little Professors Preschool strives to create a safe environment for all children. This includes limiting COVID exposure to the extent possible.

  • Children are given hand sanitizer or asked to wash their hands when entering LPP
  • Children are given hand sanitizer between transitions and when coming back in from outside
  • Children and Teachers wash their hands before and after eating
  • Children wash their hands after a diaper change
  • Teachers wash their hands after changing a diaper
  • Teachers sanitize tables, counters, highly touched surfaces, and toys after every use.
  • Toys are disinfected at the end of each day
  • Classrooms are disinfected at the end of each day
  • Toys are physically washed weekly
  • Blankets and Pillow cases are washed weekly
  • LPP has professional cleaners bi-weekly
  • Children are not to attend when any COVID symptoms are present
  • Adults wear a mask when inside the facility
  • LPP is currently doing pick-up and drop-offs outside of the facility to limit opportunities for exposure
  • LPP is currently not offering Parent Volunteers at this time to limit exposure
  • Stable Groups are maintained to the extent possible

Children under the age of kindergarten are not required to wear a face covering. However, if you would like to request that your child age 3-5 wear a face covering, we are happy to support your decision and encourage mask wearing for your child. However, we will not punish or force a child if they do not wear their mask.  If you request your child wear a mask indoors, please send your child to school in a mask each day. Please provide one extra mask with your child’s change of clothes in case their current mask becomes soiled.

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