Summer Camp

Summer Camps at

Little Professors Preschool

Little Professors Enrolls Children ages 3-10 in our Summer Program

Summer camps are two weeks long and are full of learning and fun! Summer camp themes are:

STEM Mayhem (Science Technology Math Engineering)

Hola! Let’s Speak Spanish

Animal Manual

Outside Amplified

Kitchen Chemists

Full-time care is also available! Enrollment for our summer program begins February 15, 2021.

STEM MAYHEM- JUNE 21-JULY 2 2021 (Science Technology Engineering Math) Bring Science, technology, and math concepts to life for your child with hands-on, multisensory exploration of STEM content. Build skills for future careers such as collaborative problem solving, creative thinking, explore trial and error, build, experiment, the activities are endless.

HOLA! LET’S SPEAK SPANISH– JULY 5-16 2021 Did you know the brain of a young child is uniquely suited to learn a second language?! Research shows that when children learn a second language it can boost their ability to problem-solve. (There is no school July 5)

ANIMAL MANUAL –  July 19-30 2021  Visit with live animals at school! Enjoy a class pet! Learn about Animals and their unique features and abilities; Dinosaurs,  insects, rainforest, ocean, jungle animals and more!

OUTSIDE AMPLIFIED-AUGUST 2-13 2021 Enjoy the sunshine! During this camp students will spend over 50% of their time at school outside! Explore all of what nature has to offer! Explore plans and animals that exists right in our backyard! Strengthen find and gross motor skills by playing sports and other organized activities and board games outside!

KITCHEN CHEMISTS-AUGUST 16-27 2021 Let the cooking extravaganza begin! Children will explore a diverse range of foods by cooking, baking, creating, & tasting them. Children will learn the importance of healthy eating habits, exercise, & the importance of eating a variety of different foods.

We will be closed August 30-3September 3 to prepare for our Fall Program

Summer Extended Day available!

Little Professors Summer School and Summer Tutoring

WAIT THERES MORE! Summer 2021 Little Professors will also be offering Summer School and Summer Tutoring from 12:30pm-4:00pm Monday-Friday for children in grades Kindergarten-Fifth Grade.

Our Summer Program will include Calendar, Math, Reading, Literacy, Art, Music, Outside Play, Small Group Tutoring, and individualized curriculum to meet the needs of your child.

Full Day Options also available

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