Summer Camp

Summer Care at Little Professors Preschool

Summer Camps are two weeks long and are full of learning and fun! Our Center Location is enrolling children ages 2-5. Our Center location offers AM half day classes and the option to add extended care for full day access.

Our In-Home location is enrolling children ages 2-10 full day.

Full-time care is now available at both locations beginning June 20th. Enrollment for our Summer 2023 Program is NOW OPEN!

You can access our Summer Camp Calendar by pasting the link below in your search bar.

Little Professors Preschool closes the last week of August to prepare for our Fall Program which begins in September

Summer 2023 Themed Camps Include:

June 20-June 30 2023- CreARTivity! Thunderstorms with instruments, yoga with streamers, clapping games, expressing ourselves through dance, musical guests, clay sculpting, messy, sticky, slimy, art, painting and so much more! (No school June 19th)

July 5-14 2023-To Infinity & Beyond!  As Galaxy explorers, we will explore the wonders of the universe. Children will learn about the stars, moon and planets. Students will build a spaceship and pretend to be astronauts!  

July 17-28 2023-BUG ME! This Summer Camp is perfect for your nature child. BUG ME teaches the fundamentals of gardening, insect life cycles and body parts of a bug, We will observe LIVE the life cycle of a butterfly!

July 31st-August 11 2023- Culinary Creations! Let the cooking extravaganza begin! Exploring a diverse range of foods by cooking, baking, creating, and tasting them. Children will learn the importance of healthy eating habits, exercise, and the importance of eating a variety of different kinds of food.

August 14-25 2023- Wander the World Let’s fly around the world! There’s so much to see as we wander around the world learning about a variety of cultures, music, languages, diverse art, ethnic food and geography.

Summer Extended Care available! Children can enroll in our AM Summer Camp and add Extended Care for a flexible drop off and pick up time.

You can access the In-Home Summer Enrollment Form by pasting the link below in your search bar


You can access the Center Summer Enrollment Form by pasting the link below in your search bar.


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