A child’s educational success is one of the most important indicators of economic success later in life. At Little Professors Preschool, they will build strong skills academically, socially, emotionally, and physically. All while meeting new friends and building core values.

Why is Early Childhood Education Important?

Did you know that 85% of a child’s brain is developed before the child turns five years old? Imagine the possibilities! Our academically focused program will provide your child the opportunity to get ahead. Research indicates that investing In your child’s education during their first five years of life will give you the highest rate of return.



At LPP we build community between students, teachers, and families and we work as a team. Your opinion matters to us.

Little Professors Preschool?

We are known for providing the highest quality of education. Our experienced and educated teachers receive monthly coaching so that our students are being provided with the best education and care.

Academically Structured Program

Our daily curriculum provides lessons in Phonics, Literacy, Math, Art, Music, Movement, writing, and more.

Highly Qualified Teachers

Our Lead Teachers come with a minimum 5+ years of experience and receive monthly coaching.

In School Field Trips and Guests

LPP provides monthly in school field trips and exciting guests to provide students with hands on activities and unique experiences.

Movement and Art Focused Fridays

Our highly requested creative class provides music lessons, child led art exploration and more.

We Are Excited To Have Your Child Join Us At Little Professors Preschool!

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Families Enrolled at Little Professors Preschool

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