Little Professors


The Perfect Blend of Academic Learning, Play
Based Education, and Social Interaction
Family Handbook

Welcome to Little Professors Preschool where preschool education is a blend of academic learning, play based education, and social interaction. At Little Professors Preschool children learn in a warm and nurturing environment. We partner with families to build strong foundational skills that prepare children to be creative problem solvers.  We create a learning environment that celebrates successes and challenges our thinking. We support each child’s unique individuality and promote independence and strong self-esteem.


Little Professors Preschool is committed to creating a safe, caring, learning environment that nurtures students to develop strong foundational skills. We promote a blend of play based learning, and academic structure, as well as opportunities which enable all students to achieve their highest potential.

School colors

Red, Yellow, and Blue


Ms. Breanne Meyers, Owner of Little Professors Preschool, has a Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education and a Master’s Degree in Administration Supervision with an emphasis in Curriculum and Instruction. Ms. M has taught Elementary school for six years and Preschool for seven years. She has been in an Administrative Role in High School, Elementary, and Preschool Settings. After observing the number of Kindergarten students coming into the public school system unprepared with the basic foundational skills needed to be successful, Ms. Meyers knew that exceptional and academically focused teaching should begin before children enter Kindergarten. As the demands for Kindergarten have become more rigorous, class sizes have gotten larger, and all children in Oregon are expected to be enrolled full time in Kindergarten, Ms. Meyers understood there needed to be a connection and bridge between children learning at home, and adjusting to a structured school day. After searching for the perfect curriculum that supported Academic Learning, Play Based Education, and Social Interaction, she decided to open up a preschool of her own. Ms. Meyers opened Little Professors Preschool’s first location in July 2016 and added a second location in May 2021.

 Teachers and Staff

All teachers and staff are highly qualified. They are all required to pass a background check, be CPR and First Aid certified, obtain a Food Handlers Card, pass two safety assessment’s, pass a safe sleep assessment, attend a child abuse and neglect training, achieve 15 hours of approved training each year, receive a bloodborne pathogens training, receive an orientation training, as well as on-going training while employed at Little Professors Preschool.

Academy Parents

At Little Professors Preschool we believe in close connections and partnerships with families. All families are welcome at Little Professors Preschool. We truly feel that educating a child takes a community, working together to fulfill their every need. Parents are informed and updated through our Brightwheel App, monthly newsletters, emails, phone calls, webpage, and Facebook updates. Parents are welcome at Little Professors Preschool during school hours.


At Little Professors Preschool safety is our highest priority. All students picked up and dropped off have direct hand to hand drop offs between parents and teachers. ID is required before children are released. Recess takes place in a fenced play area. Safety Drills are performed on a monthly basis. A video camera is in the interior of each classroom.  A video camera is located on the exterior of the building at every classroom door and voice interactions are able to take place to ensure safety and purpose before opening the door. All doors are locked, from the outside, while children are present. Little Professors Preschool is equipped with an alarm system where Police, Fire, and Ambulance requests can be made with the push of a button. The alarm system also alerts those in the building if windows or side/back doors have been opened.

Curriculum and Programs

Engage NY

Engage NY is a research-based curriculum focused around the common core standards. It fosters a foundation for students to experience the ultimate success as they move onto Kindergarten and secondary schooling. It strengthens foundational skills in Literacy, Math, Science, and Social Studies through interactive books and hands on activities.


Zoo-Phonics is a research-based curriculum that incorporates, visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning. Zoo Phonics has been proven to support students who are advanced learners, as well as those who need extra educational support. As letter images are introduced, animals are drawn in the shape of the letter to help letters not appear too abstract for the child. Children learn chants and songs to go along with all letter sounds. Allie Alligator “a”/Bubba Bear “b” etc. All letter sounds are introduced within the first two weeks! Then letters are continuously reviewed throughout the year.


Second Step Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) gives students the tools to excel in and out of the classroom. It provides students with tools needed to make progress in emotion management, situational awareness, and academic achievement.

Frog Street

Frog Street, the curriculum used in our Toddler Program at the Center Location for children age two, is designed around the latest scientific early brain development research. It is a year-round program for children ages 18-36 months that focuses on enhancing the simple joy of childhood while equipping caregivers to nurture curiosity through exploration.

Music, Movement, & Art

Research has shown that students who engage in the arts often experience more success in school. Art provides a way for children to express themselves and strengthen their understanding in other academic areas. Friday’s curriculum is focused around Music, Art, and Movement. This class will explore rhythm, singing, dancing, and reading music. Children will have many opportunities to explore with art to strengthen their understanding of color, value, lines, texture, and shapes. This class will provide many opportunities to strengthen social skills, work as a team, and learn through play.

Daily Schedule


This is an academically focused class where children will love learning! Utilizing the research-based curriculum, Engage NY, Second-Step, and Zoo-Phonics, children will learn foundational skills for reading, writing, math, science, social studies, and social/emotion management.

Monday-Thursday: Blend of Academic Learning and Play Based Education

Daily Schedule

8:00/12:30            Self Starter/Review Activity/Name Practice

8:15/12:45              Character Education/Phonics/Calendar

8:45/1:15                Writing/Motor Skill Activity

9:00/1:30               Recess

9:30/2:00               Snack

9:45/2:15                Literacy Lesson (Science and Social Studies Integrated)

10:00/2:30             Indoor Choice Time/Small Group Learning

10:30/3:00             Math Lesson

10:45/3:15               Music/Art on Rotation

11:00/3:30              Reading-Exploring Books/Read Aloud

11:30/4:00              Dismiss

Friday: Music Movement and Art

Daily Schedule

8:00/12:30          Fine and Gross Motor Skill Practice/Name Practice

8:15/12:45           Character Education/Phonics/Calendar

8:45/1:15              Music (Special Musical Guest Attends Twice Per Month)

9:15/1:45               Sign Language/Movement Activity

9:30/2:00             Recess

10:00/2:30            Snack

10:15/2:45            Indoor Choice Time/Small Group Learning

10:45                      Art-Exploring Color, Line, Texture, Shapes, Creating Musical

Instruments, Sculpting, Painting

11:15                      Reading-Exploring Books/Read Aloud

11:30                     Dismiss


Extended Care Schedule Monday-Friday

*If your child is enrolled in our extended care program please provide a blanket and pillow, to remain at school, for their use during quiet time. We require that all children lay down at the start of quiet time. Children who do not fall asleep in 20-45minutes will be given another quiet time activity.

11:30   Lunch

12:00   Recess

12:30   Quiet Time

3:00     Snack

3:15    Recess

4:15    Choice Activities-Centers, Playdough, Water Colors, Organized Art Projects,

Looking at Books

5:15 Toddler Program Closes

5:30 In-Home Program Closes

6:00 Center Closes


Policies and Procedures


Drop Off and Pick Up


Drop Off

Half day students may be dropped off within 5 minutes of the school’s starting time. Upon arrival, students must be accompanied by a parent or guardian until the student has been received by a member of the Little Professors Preschool Team. Please drop off directly at your child’s classroom door. We require that students eat breakfast (or lunch for the PM Preschool Class) before being dropped off to school. We ask that all students have a change of clothes kept at school in a large Ziplock bag with your child’s name on it in case of any accidents. We ask that parents keep track of what clothes are at school and take responsibility to bringing in a new set of clothes when it is needed. Parents, please provide your child with a 13.2 FL. OZ. water bottle, that is dishwasher safe, to be kept at school. Please put your child’s name on it. Upon drop off and pick up a teacher will ask you for your child’s four-digit pin. You can customize this pin to any four numbers on the Brightwheel app. (mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, can all make their own four-digit pin) Your child will then be required to put on hand sanitizer before entering the school.


Students must be picked up within 5 minutes of the school’s dismissal time. Students must remain inside the preschool until they have been received by their guardian. Please pick up your child from their classroom door. Teachers will ask parents for their four-digit code at pick up. All adults must provide identification at pick up. Children who are picked up 5 minutes or more passed their enrollment ending time will be charged $1 per minute rounding up to the nearest 10 minutes.

CENTER: If your child’s class is at the playground you may pick up on the west side of the wooden fence. Please let staff know you are there by waving your hand above the wooden gate.

Attendance Policy

Parents of Little Professors Preschool’s students are strongly encouraged to take a proactive role in ensuring their children attend school as concepts are built upon each day. Parents should notify the school in advance of any absences. If a child is absent, funds are not refunded for any missing days. We do not allow the option to switch days when your child is absent as we are often at maximum capacity and would not be able to accommodate this.


Monthly payments are due the first day of scheduled attendance each month.  Checks will be deposited within two business days. Payments can be made by paying online on our school’s Brightwheel App, by cash, or by check. If you decide to pay with our Brightwheel App, and use your bank account information, there is no additional charge for you. If you choose to pay on the Brightwheel App by credit or debit card there is a 2.6% fee.


It is Little Professors Preschool policy to promote a safe and orderly school environment for all students and employees. Accordingly, Little Professors Preschool holds all students, employees, and other adults to the highest standards of behavior on school grounds and during school sponsored activities.

Classroom Management System

All students are recognized for their good choices. Classroom teachers will develop a classroom management system that fits the needs of their students. (Please also refer to our Policy on Guidance and Discipline.)

Coming to School Sick                                                                                                    Students will be sent home if they are running a fever or showing any possible contagious side effects. If a child has diarrhea or vomits, please be sure at least 24 hours have passed since their last episode before returning to school. (Any children or staff, regardless of vaccination status, who exhibit symptoms such as new loss of taste or smell, fever, new or unusual cough, or shortness of breath must test negative for COVID and be fever free for at least 24 hours without the need of fever reducing medication, and/or have a note from their doctor that they are safe to return. LPP does allow at home tests to be completed.

Lice                                                                                                                                 Due to the high transfer of lice and in order to limit those affected, if a case of lice is confirmed or suspected, Little Professors Preschool reserves the right to discreetly check all students’ hair for evidence of lice. Students will be sent home if evidence of Lice is found until it has been confirmed that it is no longer a problem.


Parents are welcome and encouraged to bring store bought treats to celebrate their child’s birthday.

Kids Night Out

One Saturday evening, bi-monthly, Little Professors Preschool will host a Kids Night Out! From 6:00 pm-8:30 pm students can come enjoy outside play, dinner with their friends, games, a themed activity, and a theatre style movie. Dates TBA. There is a fee of $40 for the evening. Dinner is provided. A reservation/RSVP is required.


Holidays, if chosen to be observed, will be celebrated in ways that will enhance the meaning and the understanding of the holiday for the student. Class “parties” will be planned by teachers in conjunction with parent volunteers and will be planned with respect to students who may have personal or religious beliefs that restrict them from participating. Please inform the Director/Provider if there are any holidays your family does not celebrate. 

Parents, Volunteers and Visitors

Parents, volunteers, and visitors are welcome to visit providing the visits are not a disruption in the school. For the protection and safety of all students, all persons entering Little Professors Preschool must provide I.D. if requested, sign in on our volunteer sign in sheet, and have informed the school prior to their visit.

Toys at School

Please do not allow your child to bring toys to school. Any show and tell days will be announced ahead of time. When students bring toys from home it can be a big distraction from learning at school.

Dressing Appropriately for School

Students will be given the opportunity for painting at school as well as playing outside in a creative environment where children can create mud pies and dig for insects. Children often get dirty. Please send your child in clothes that are appropriate for age appropriate play. In the Fall and Winter months when we have a lot of rain, snow, and/or cold weather, please send your child with rainboots and warm clothes. Layers, gloves, hats, and winter jackets are often appropriate. During summer months please consider safe shoes. Often open toed shoes/flip flops can cause foot injuries and excessive tripping due to children running outside. Please always put your child’s name on everything you send into the school.

Meals and Snacks             

Little Professors Preschool follows USDA regulations regarding meals and snacks. All snacks will include two food items from two different food groups. Lunch is served at 11:30 am to all students in our Extended Care Program. Lunch includes 1% milk, a meat or meat alternate, a grain, a vegetable and either a second vegetable or fruit. Little Professors will provide a snack during preschool. Lunch and a second snack will be served to students enrolled in extended care.

Bringing snacks to school

Little Professors Preschool provides meals and snacks to all enrolled students. LPP will provide an AM snack to all students. Lunch will be provided to students enrolled in our Extended Care Program. A PM snack will be provided to all students. Bringing snacks to school is not necessary and is discouraged. However, if you send snacks to school with your child here are some things to keep in mind: LPP is not able to put any food sent from home in our fridge or microwave at any time. All students will receive a snack/lunch from LPP whether they bring a snack/lunch from home or not. All food sent to school MUST be healthy. Appropriate food items would be fruits, veggies, protein-based snack, or crackers. Please no sugary juices, soda, chips, cookies, donuts, etc. 

VIP (Volunteering by Incredible Parents) Committee

LPP believes in the importance of building a community and working together as a team. Parents at LPP have the option to participate in our Parent Volunteer VIP Committee. Some projects the VIP Committee may help with include but are not limited to; helping to plan Teacher Appreciation Week in May, being available for teachers to reach out to if they have somethings that need to have cut out or other small at home volunteer projects that could be completed, welcoming new teachers, assisting in planning holiday parties and family celebrations etc. If you are interested, please reach out to the Director/Provider and let them know.

Open Door Policy

Please feel free to reach out to the Owner, Director, or Provider at any time with any questions or concerns by phone, e-mail, or in person. Emails will be responded to within two business days. We strive to provide a preschool opportunity for your child that you are happy with. If you are interested in any volunteer opportunities at school or volunteer opportunities to do at home, please let us know. Our monthly fundraisers from January-May are optional and parents are welcome to be as involved with the activities as they see doable and appropriate for their family.  An anonymous online survey is available on our website at .If possible, please participate in it and provide as much feedback as you are comfortable with as your thoughts are very important to us.

Inclement Weather Policy

In the event of inclement weather, we follow Gresham Barlow School District’s closures and delayed starts. Closure/ delayed starts announcements will be made to parents via our Brightwheel app.